How it all started


After years of playing hair russian roulette; I was hanging out with my friend complaining about my most recent hair purchase. And I asked her, why isn’t there a search engine or a site that has reliable reviews on hair extensions, so I won’t waste my hard earned money. My frustration spurred me to take action and was created months later. is the leading source of truth for hair extension lovers and product junkies.

Why are we so trustworthy? Because our site’s reviews don’t come from false testimonies or paid promoters…they come from real customers like YOU!    ManeGuru, isn’t just one person…  we inspire, educate and empower women to voice their experiences on our platform, love their own hair and know that their money is very valuable to the hair and beauty industry. No more hours on Youtube, Instagram or hair forums, searching for honesty and hair inspiration, your time is too precious. is the only place for all your hair efficiency needs. You want hair inspiration, we got you! You need to find good feedback on a hair company you’re having second thoughts about, we got you! And we want hair companies to have a safe place to listen to the their customers’ feedback, so they’ll sell the best quality products and thus improving their business. Join us and be apart of creating the best community for hair extension and beauty efficiency. 

Our mission is Always Honest, Always Heard, Always Hair.




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