Click + Learn about Amara La Negra- Her journey, LHHM, Being Afro-Latina, Darker Skin,

If you don’t know who she is, then get familiar, Amara La Negra is the LLHM breakout star who’s turning heads with her talent and her truth. She’s a Dominican singer, who’s been in the Latin market for years and is crossing over to make her imprint in the states. To put Amara in context, she stands tall, mahogany “complected,” rocks a huge 4B/4C afro, with amazing curves and a beautiful face. She’s a beautiful woman with talent and spunk! Sounds all good, right?

Well, we’re not finished; Amara La Negra is Afro-Latina. For those who don’t know what that means, please scroll down to the bottom and get informed.  And as a darker skin Afro-Latina, she’s vocal about her struggles on LHHM. Unfortunately, when Amara speaks on this topic, many of her castmates either dismiss, deny or negate. Colorism is a touchy subject amongst anyone from the African Diaspora but especially the Caribbean, S + C America.

In the most recent episodes, Amara battles and defends her brand identity. As a WOC,  it’s a battle all of us face but especially for Black female artists whose talents are undermined based on their complexion.  One of LHHM dodgy producers, Young Hollywood, ignorantly recommends her to change her look; “Less Macy Gray, more Beyonce..” Amara’s spotlight on Afro-Latina plight and colorism has gone nationwide, her most recent interview about this issue was compromised on 105.1 Breakfast Club, where Charlamagne questioned if colorism in the Latin entertainment markets was actually an issue, based on Cardi B’s most recent success.

Get to Know Amara La Negra:

Newest Music Video: Se Que Soy Music Video

Throwback: Ayy!

Bask in Her Beauty:

Click + Learn about Amara La Negra- Her journey, LHHM, Being Afro-Latina, Darker Skin,

Click + Learn about Amara La Negra- Her journey, LHHM, Being Afro-Latina, Darker Skin,Click + Learn about Amara La Negra- Her journey, LHHM, Being Afro-Latina, Darker Skin,

The Breakfast Club interview caused a lot of ruckus on the blogs and social media but her transparency has shined a light on something that’s been dormant for hundreds of years – post slavery. And unfortunately, very few Latinas have openly discussed in fear of backlash, blacklisted or silenced.  Amara continues to be vocal about the lack of inclusion of darker skin women on Latin TV and in Music. You won’t see any Oprahs, Violas, even Ciaras or K.Michelles on novellas, music videos, Films, etc…

As a fellow Caribbean woman, I know what’s up and as an American raised woman, I think it’s time for us to stand together and understand our fellow African Diasporan family.

Amara’s Truth Shines

Since the discussion and drama, Amara signed a huge record deal with BMG records, is the breakout star of the LHHM franchise while keeping her integrity, inspires millions of women watching every Monday and brings awareness to an “uncomfortable” subject. She’s blooming, poppin’ and who need to watch in 2018. 

To the Haters:

For those who think she’s milking the situation and talking about a lost cause… you’re apart of the problem and we’re on a #woke wave right now…so, you’ll be drowning real soon. For all my Non Afro- Latina/ Caribbean folks; I love you but I need you to know how the rest of the world lives. Don’t stay in your bubble.

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