Have you ever had that “Solange” moment”? It’s that, “don’t touch my hair don’t touch my crown” feeling. I recently came back from vacation in New Orleans and felt like a walking advertisement for tourist curiosity. For the summer months I decided to get a protective style- box braids that stopped at the bottom of my lower back. My style was picked out of a magazine in the shop. I paid a reasonable price, one hundred and fifty dollars. I decided to go full force and get some color. The colors I used were number 27, 613, and 24- all shades of blonde, for those who don’t know. You couldn’t tell me nothing. The lady braiding my hair did it just right. My colors blended nicely. I was in rare form. Well, it took a minute to feel it. My braids were cute, but tight and heavy.

I received plenty of compliments at first but was never approached by someone to touch it. I love braids. I would go to a shop and get my hair braided and be amazed by the detail and styles. I normally would get micro braids so I would be in the shop for a while. It is a true craft . Let’s admit it, though, the first few days will be the best face lift ever. Sometimes they’re so tight that if you listen closely you can hear your baby hairs crying in the background.This is the reason why I got my hair braided a week before my Vacation.This is also the reason you just don’t go touching anyone’s hair. Its cute, but it hurts too.

The moment I stepped off the plane an older lady with a deep southern accent said “can I touch your hair?” My eyes opened up big at her. I was a little shocked. Never been asked by anyone to touch my hair before, other than friends or family. Even then, I’m like “Please don’t” . In all my years getting braids, I had never been asked before by a stranger to touch my hair. She seemed intrigued, however, and before I knew it, without any approval, Grandma went for it. “Awe, it’s amazing” I smiled at her but was singing in my head “Don’t touch my hair”. I must have played that song the entire trip.

feeling myself and these braids with highlights.

It’s just my opinion. I’m not a fan of touching a stranger’s hair. First of all, “Gross.” I love curls on babies but couldn’t imagine walking up to a mother and combing my fingers through their child’s head. This took place throughout the entire trip. I had even some men trying to come for my braids. A lot of compliments came from foreign women. All older women, some from countries as far as Australia. Touchy is not the word.

Truthfully ,I was thankful to receive such nice compliments. Oddly I felt like they were playing the role of my Puerto Rican grandma. She loves to touch my hair. Inside I wanted to tell her “no” but the fear getting popped by the chancletas scares me. Honestly I didn’t know how to respond. Like I said, this has never happened to me before by a stranger. I have to be honest and so point out that I felt violated. Some people didn’t even say hello first. I didn’t want to come off as rude, especially in an unknown environment. There is a deeper issue when it comes to touching someones hair, but what about manners too? I get it, braids are beautiful in any color, hair texture, or style but please don’t touch my hair, it’s my Crown.

box braids with highlighted hair

catch them highlights

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