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2.17 (3 reviews)

Products: Straight, Deep Curly, Wavy, Body Wave, Lace Wigs,- See site for all Products

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Grade: Virgin Hair



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The quality was good and it didn't shed that much.
4.0[ Quality of Hair 4.00 ]

Used this product  about a year ago. The quality was good and it didn’t shed that much.

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Bad Shedding but I love the Curl Pattern.
2.0[ Quality of Hair 2.00 ]

Malaysian Deep Curly Hair 18, 20, 22- The packaging was awesome and came with a nice pamphlet and refund policy. They do allow refunds and a reward program.The hair was very soft, the wefts were thick and there was a beard on the weft, but I wasn’t bothered. I did a flip over sew- in. It shed a lot and I didn’t cut my wefts and the shedding came from the longer bundles. The worst shedding I ever had. It tangles a bit but I sleep on a silk pillow sometimes but it might be from me sleeping without a bonnet some days. I love  the curl pattern though The hair was curly and thin at the beginning and the curl pattern changed once I washed it. The hair did get fuller after the wash, they might have had a product on it. It’s pretty and I love it!

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0.5[ Overall Experience 0.50 ]

Loved this hair and it will always be my “Go To” hair or my in “between styles” hair. Now heres a company that I would absolutely NEVER recommend to any one. They go by the name of sexy hair formula. Im sure at one point in time these companies have good quality hair, but I feel like as soon as they get “BiG” The quality goes out of the window and it became all about money… I hate that its this way but it sucks! Sexy Formula Hair|Honest Update

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