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They Never Gave me the Hair I ordered...SCAM!!!!
0.5[ Customer Service 0.50 | Quality of Hair 0.50 | Urgency of Shipping 0.50 | Overall Experience 0.50 ]
Unjust treatment I received from Hoagshair collection. Below I will give a summary of what transpired and the snapshots of the ensuing conversation.
I live in Trinidad and the above mentioned supplier lives in Trinidad as well, so I thought this should be an easy transaction. I usually purchase hair myself from China but I was trying to ease up using my credit card. So on the Nov 20th 2016 while scrolling through my feed I saw a hair bundle deal that interested me. An 8″ 10″ 12″ and a 10″ frontal. I had promised my mom who resides in the States a wig and so I inquired as to how long the process of ordering, shipping etc would take. I was very descriptive with my order and was told as seen in the attached snapshots if I ordered before Friday, I will get the hair within a week, which worked fine with me. I paid on theTuesday 22/11. The hair did not come within the arranged time, which was fine, she promised to give me a discount on my next purchase.
The issue came though when I received the hair. The bundles were really nice, but the closure was barely 6″ when stretched in length. (Obviously the longer the lengths, the more you pay, so I wanted a 10″ frontal, so I paid for that).
I sent her a pic same day I received the hair, she seemed shock it was that short, she promised to re-order and told me it will take 4-6 working days. I agreed to the reorder and promised to return the short frontal. This happened on the 6th December 2016.
Fast forward to December 19th 2016. I asked for an update, no reply. All the while she’s posting pics on her instagram. I bit my tongue and waited before I said anything. Let’s go even further to the 21st December 2016, I asked her if my business with her was still a priority…no response, atleast until I inquired under at the time, her most recent public post. She responded with on the 22nd December 2016 “I ordered it. When it gets here we will contact you”. I was mad, but still patient.
Last night on the 29th December 2016, I told her it’s been a week since her message and I’ve been more than patient. She was not pleased, she more or less said “well what does that mean” lol I have to laugh…people are crazy. So I told her she was very unprofessional. It ended up with her asking me if she should kiss my ass because I bought hair from her, she does not care  if I’m disappointed, I got what I paid for and she doesn’t care what I do going forward.
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Hoags-hair-colection-review.jpg 3 years ago
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