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The best hair in the world!
5.0[ Quality of Hair 5.00 ]
Kendra's Hair Boutique Review
Kendra's Hair Boutique Hair Review

I bought this hair in July 2015, it’s currently April 2016 and the hair is still holding up strong.

I bought natural straight only because I always get a loose wavy type texture.

Anyways, I got 5 bundles of 30 inches when and it came up to a total of $446 but because I live in Canada with the exchange rate it came up to $540 which was annoying.

I got the hair like a week later and there was no smell, true to length and beautiful. It was a natural brown color but you could tell the ends had been cut  from maybe 32 inches down to the 30 inches I ordered.

Since then I’ve ombred it and dyed it jet black and I almost think it’s only got better.

If you’re considering this hair please stop thinking into it.

This hair is fabulous and if you’ve seen any negative reviews on YouTube their lying. Kendra’s hair boutique is the shit!


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4.4[ Customer Service 5.00 | Quality of Hair 4.50 | Urgency of Shipping 3.00 | Overall Experience 5.00 ]

Bought my hair a year ago and had it for awhile. Untouchable !!!  5 bundles in all  TYPE: Brazilian Straight , LENGTHS: 3/28″ and 2/30″ bundles. It goes all the way the way to my butt and it’s in perfect condition. It takes dye very well; I’ve dyed it multiple times. It’s still full like I first bought it. I did not use shampoo, I use dish detergent and condition them properly. I use oils to get it bone straight. The hair holds a curl for days, I’ve gone to sleep , didn’t tie my hair up and woke up with curls. It sheds and tangles. Tangling: It’s long and I don’t tie up at night Shedding: Because I have tangles.  It’s wig and I take it off at night because I like my hair to breath. Shipping: I had one thing issue all my bundles came except one.   I called customer service and they express shipped the missing bundle. Total Cost was $400-$10 I LOVE THIS HAIR! I bought curly hair from them as well and it’s in good condition. Treat your weave like your real hair, put in the work on your hair.

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The hair is not what a crack up to be

I order hair from Kendra hair boutique I have received the hair within 5 days and I opened up the package I noticed that the hair  was chipped up and tangle so I comb through it Shead so bad I had a handful Of hair so called kendra’s hair boutique the customer service was very mean and insinuated that I  played in the hair are they crazy the hair was on sale and I have received a bad batch and they did not want to amid to no rong doing this hair is no all that it did not look like new hair  The only reason why I did not send it back is because I was getting married ? that following Saturday  so Time was not on my side  if you call Kendra’s hair boutique about a complaint they get real on the defensive find another hair company hair should not be shading on the first day you receive it I was happy to get my hair then that turned into a Frown ☹️☹️☹️

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Kendra's Hair Boutique Review 3 years ago by Neversocial in The best hair in the world!
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Kendra's Hair Boutique Hair Review 3 years ago by Neversocial in The best hair in the world!
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