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2.7[ Quality of Hair 2.50 | Urgency of Shipping 3.00 | Overall Experience 2.50 ]
Ordered on: June 2014
2 Bundles of 12″ Kinky Straight
1 Bundle of 10″ Kinky Straight
Total Price: $296.00
I think the hair was really good with blending with my natural texture, which is what my natural hair extensions aims to do. So that part was fine. However, I think the texture of the kinky straight was a little too voluminous and without all 3 entire bundles in my head, my hair was very big and somewhat poofy. The first few weeks, the hair did very well and I was able to style it successfully with flexi rods. The problem
came when the hair was straightened. I didn’t flat iron it very often, as the directions stated, but the few times that I did within a two month period, I wasn’t very pleased. It wouldn’t stay straight for long and would frizz back up. Also, the hair would not hold a heat curl very well, only decently when using flexi rods. I wrapped my hair every night. Towards the end of the two months, even with proper care, I felt as though the hair would get very matted and hard to comb and brush out. For the price that I paid, my goal was to reuse the hair but in the end, I was not able to. The hair was installed for about 2 months. It just got too matted and coarse. Overall, I would not purchase this particular texture again. Maybe another texture would work better.
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