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Products: Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave, Peruvian Virgin Hair Weave, Funmi Hair Weave, European Virgin Hair Weave, Indian Remy Hair Weave, Indian Virgin Hair Weave ,Malaysian Virgin Hair Weave: Water wave, straight, Body wave, Milan curl Yaki straight and curl

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One year still going strong!!
3.0[ Quality of Hair 3.00 | Overall Experience 3.00 ]

I bought my first lace front  wig from this company! I made a modest purchase for one of their stock wigs. It was quite affordable and the quality of the wig was pretty good. The only thing I would say was delivery took a month so if you need a wig by a certain date, plan accordingly.So the Wow African wig did not have any shedding at all. It does get tangled after awhile but after a co-wash it does return to normal. I bought the wig last year and is still going strong. The wig is definitely low maintenance. Just be sure to only co-wash, do not wash with shampoo and use heat protectant when using heat.

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0.5[ Customer Service 0.50 | Quality of Hair 0.50 | Overall Experience 0.50 ]

This is a review on their business aspect, policy and customer service.  I ordered  2 Indian Virgin Peruvian Curly in 18′ and 20′. I dyed my hair and the ends were horrible  and the textures were different, then what I ordered. Wow African has a policy if they give you the wrong order or if they’re issues with the hair, they will send you a refund or exchange; as long as you send back the hair and cover shipping cost. Unfortunately, they put the blame on me and told me I should have read the instructions and website more carefully. I opened a dispute w/ Pay pal, and Wow sent me a credit memo for $93.99 but I spent 97.50. I reached out to them but they weren’t responding to me and had to reach out them on their website’s chat page  . They said that the only way we can give you a refund and hair is if you close the claim immediately. I knew they were trying to play me, so I called Paypal and the agent advised that they’re playing a dirty trick that sellers do to avoid refunds. I had photos and screenshots and showed Paypal my cooperation and email chains. Wow African failed to respond through Paypal’s resolution center, eventually, they offered me $20 refund and I declined and then they said $30. They wanted me to close my claim first and then they’d give my $30. The hair was faulty and I might have gotten a bad batch but they should have honored their return policy. Be careful of Wow African! Even though they have good quality products, if there’s an issue they do not want to stand up to  their return and exchange policy and they just want to sell, sell,sell.

    I totally agree with everything you stated. I had similar problems when they lied about my purchase being shipped out when it hadn’t been. They were giving me the run-around just to buy themselves time. So since I caught them in several lies, I requested that my order be cancelled and that they refund my money because at this point,they would try and send me any piece of garbage they got laying around and I didn’t want to take that chance. Customer service is a deal breaker for me. Either you be fair or loose my business. After 3 yrs,I’m done with this company!
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