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The best virgin hair
5.00 (2 reviews)

ProductsVietnamese Origin: Straight, Wavy, Curly–South Asian Origin : Price Range: $65-$160 Straight,  Natural Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Curly. Deep Curly

Custom Sized Lace Frontals Price Range: $120-$335

Grade: Virgin-Vietnamese and South Asian Origin

The best virgin hair




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Since Day 1 !
5.0[ Customer Service 5.00 | Quality of Hair 5.00 | Urgency of Shipping 5.00 | Overall Experience 5.00 ]

Hey ladies !

My my name is Jolie Marie (@bossesambition IG).

I’m a model from the D.C. metro area and I’ve been a loyal customer to XOXO Virgin Hair since they began their business ! I’m a firm believer in supporting small business’, for the simple fact I feel as though everyone deserves a shot at offering great services/business….we all had to start somewhere right ?!

Anyhow, let me get straight to the point here. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the hair I’ve been purchasing from XOXO. I’ve never had any issues with getting exactly what I look for, as they take their time to satisfy my needs (being a model, I need all sorts of different looks which requires different weaves). I’ve purchased straight hair, wavy hair and even curly hair and I’ve gotten so many compliments and inquires about where I get my hair from. I’ve even tried my first lace frontal with them and was highly pleased with how natural looking it looked on me ! I’m also natural so when getting my hair straightened to blend with their hair, it blends perfectly. Their hair is thick, plentiful and minimal to no shedding (maybe 2 -3 strands of that).  Needless to say, I’m overall pleased with my past purchases and I insist that people take advantage of their prices before things go up ! The prices are reasonable as of now,  but seeing how Tiffany Pollard and Celebrity hair stylist Nai’vasha Johnson and the magazine features they’ve been getting, I anticipate their business to do serious numbers !

I highly recommend this company ! Great hair, great service, professional and consistent !

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This hair is the TRUTH
5.0[ Customer Service 5.00 | Quality of Hair 5.00 | Urgency of Shipping 5.00 | Overall Experience 5.00 ]

This hair has been nothing but good to me. Even though I haven’t been THAT to good it lol. This hair barely sheds at all. Tangling is practically nonexistent, and I know that first hand because I slept on this hair 3 days straight and was able to STILL run my fingers thru it. This hair has body….BAWDY… so much body that it draws attention and compliments in public lol. People always tell me the hair is beautiful and then ask if they can touch it. The luster is amazing and the curl retention it also. This customer service that I received from this company is amaze balls also. The owner Stephanie is so kind, polite, and patient. Every question (& I had tons of them) that I asked got answered immediately unless it was too late lol then she responded first thing the next day. I honestly will be a repeat customer and will recommend this brand to ANYONE who is looking for hair that will be with every penny and lives up to its name.

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xoxo virgin hair lizzo bust3.jpg 3 years ago
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xoxo virgin hair jordynwoods- 3 years ago
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The best virgin hair 3 years ago
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