I love fall and I severely needed a new color but didn’t want to dye my hair. So, I tried my first stock lace front wig. I chose HairVivi because of all the reviews online.

I chose their “Serayah” 5.5 lace front wig. The color was cute and perfect for fall! I got several compliments on the hair color and the texture. The hair texture was very silky and held a curl. I chose the wig because I love the soft brown color and it went really well with my skin, especially for fall. As a woman of color, it can be difficult to find the right color for my skin tone: bronze, balayage, reds, etc…

Here are the pros and cons of the wig.

FYI: I love the packaging, very simple matte black box with a bow. Inside the box was the Brazilian hair wig, a rat tail comb, and two butterfly clips. The wig was well packaged.

HairVivi Wig Review

HairVivi Pros:

  1. The color matched my complexion and was very subtle.
  2. The hair did not draw up or mat. I have not worn the hair for a long period of time. 
  3. The lace was bleached and almost matched my complexion.
  4. The hairline was lightly plucked.
  5. The size fit my head.

HairVivi Cons

  1. Wig smelled like the average bundle hair scent.
  2. I honestly wanted the hairline to be plucked more. It did look very “wiggy.”
  3. I would have love directions on how to create a seamless install. I was not able to pluck the hairline to my desire. 

Overall the wig is super cute. I like their customer service and appreciated their fast delivery in 3-5 business days.

 HairVivi Wig Review  HairVivi Wig Review

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