3 Healthy Ways to Stretch your Hair w/out Heat. You'll NEVER use Blow Dryer AGAIN! Click to learn more!!

After you wash and condition your hair you usually head to the blow dryer.

Stop, here are 3 Healthy Ways to Stretch your Hair w/out Heat.

1) Finger Detangle On Dry Hair

Part hair, finger detangle and gently comb out your hair. Be very gentle, so you don’t snap your ends.

2)Twist out!  

Separate your hair into 8 twists. Use your favorite leave-in, oil and gently comb thru sections, starting at your ends. After combing and adding leave-in conditioner, Bantu Knot section. Watch below for more!

Air Dry or Hooded Dry, if necessary.  Take down your Bantu Knots from the opposite direction you twisted them in.

3) Mother Africa Technique

Girl, Mother Africa has done it again! Why did I not know about this method? This method is used to grow your hair faster than lighting…trust me! 

Me explaining it doesn’t do it justice. Here are 3 videos that’ll show you how!

You can do the African Technique on your Children!  

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